Sustainability, at its core, is a simple and logical
concept: it recognises that we must live in balance
with nature, to meet our needs today without
compromising those of future generations.

A time of change

Yet today we Australians live well beyond our means. In fact, it would take 3.6 planet Earths to sustain total demand on nature if the rest of the world consumed resources as we do.

In our globalised world, the consequences of our unsustainable ways come back to us in new and unexpected ways.

Far from living on the interest of our natural capital, we are quickly spending down the principle: eroding away resources present and future generations depend on.

The world’s current relationship with sustainability is
not a problem solved by taking out the recycling.

The good news is solutions are within our grasp, and society has already begun to make pivotal changes. This change begins with the home, your biggest purchase.

Embedding sustainability into daily life gives us all the power to make a difference. Truly sustainable homes, like Modulus™, are the intelligent choice because they also grow your prosperity, security and resilience, even as they shrink your ecological footprint.

A sustainable society cares for people as well as the

Equity, liveability and respect for human rights are among the values that contribute to our society’s general well being.

Modulus™ green buildings are pivotal to enabling more sustainable societies. They provide communities with beneficial development, increase their residents’ quality of life, and bolster our resilience to better withstand future change.

Sustainability, of course, has an essential economic

Sustainable economic development hinges on wise resource use. We must invest in innovation and technology that will catalyse our transformation into a very different 21st century, and generate the next era of wealth.

In Australia alone, the clean tech industry already employs 65,000 people and has more than $30 billion in revenue – equal to a quarter of the entire manufacturing sector.

Modulus™ luxury residential uses cutting edge technology from the clean tech industry. We support research and development and investment into sustainable living.

Wise use and conservation of resources are
fundamental to our sustainable future.

Today buildings account for 40% of global resource use. To make matters worse, building developers often tap forests and other resources in a way that depletes them, harms biodiversity, and generates pollution.

Building a home should not cost the Earth. The solution is environmentally-responsible and resource-efficient use of building materials, exemplified by Bonheur Housing’s holistic approach.

Your new home’s energy use should make you part of
our vital transition to a clean energy future. It should
be built with sustainably sourced materials, and
operate with minimal use of energy, water and other

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