Modulus™ of Inner West

Renovated 100 year old period house with stone, brick and slate shingles. House was underpinned to create a sub-basement and connection to the garage for direct access. Perfectly positioned with expansive views of the Harbour Bridge.

Beautiful, comfortable and sustainable home.

Uncommon Treats.

Sustainable, innovative, luxurious.

A personal touch.

Inspiring better living.

Urban ecology provides a natural, lush approach to the landscape and connects one to nature. It
allows for native plant species that are edible and an intelligent hydroponic system.

Your Secret Garden.

Modulus™ Interiors bathrooms, Kitchens and Wardrobes

Providing the opportunity for clients to customize their Bathrooms, Kitchens and Robes once they
have purchased a Modulus™ Luxury Apartment.

Tailored Design.

Secure a once in a lifetime living experience.

Future-proof your lifestyle. Invest in Modulus™ – vibrant, sophisticated and sustainable homes.

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