We use high quality design to
create liveable spaces and places.

Key design principles behind our approach are:


All rooms have access to natural light and air


All bedrooms and living rooms open onto either a garden or balcony


All apartments naturally cross ventilate


All apartments have access to private external space

Individual Modulus houses are typically designed in PODs. The Modulus POD system is also an excellent method for transforming your existing home.

PODs are a group of three mansion dwellings containing two garden houses (at ground level) and one penthouse (at first floor level). Additional storeys can be added to adapt to specific sites.

There are various POD layouts, however our design solution allows a POD to be suitably located on almost any site in any climate. The number of PODs on each site depends primarily on site area. PODs are placed within a supporting site infrastructure of basement car park, centralised plant and energy centre, and communal services, all of which enables a highly liveable environment.

Our buildings methods create precision building envelopes, a key strategy in reducing the energy use of the dwellings. This will enable our projects to achieve PassivHaus standard.

A housed designed to PassivHaus standards achieves an extremely high degree of internal thermal comfort, maintaining a consistent temperature profile between 16-25º 90% of the year without input from active heating or cooling systems.

PassivHaus design allows for consistent internal conditions that are comfortable, stable and draught free, regardless of the external conditions, but always full of fresh hair.

PassivHaus draws upon passive design principles, which use the climatic conditions and a site-specific design philosophy to achieve excellent internal comfort and energy efficiency.

Our approach to energy management is a further example of our innovative modular infrastructure.

The energy system comprises of several unique components:

Energy management software

The Modulus intelligent control system manages and meters the flow of energy throughout the site components, including dwellings, solar arrays, energy storage and the grid.

Solar electricity

Our intelligent control system directs the electricity produced by the site’s solar array either into the dwellings, into the battery or into the grid.

Electricity storage

At times when solar is unavailable, electricity is supplied from our unique energy storage technology (CLES).

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