We use high quality design to
create liveable spaces and places.

Key design principles behind our approach are:


All rooms have access to natural light and air


All bedrooms and living rooms open onto either a garden or balcony


All apartments naturally cross ventilate


All apartments have access to private external space

Individual Modulus™ houses are typically designed in
PODs. The Modulus™ POD system is also an excellent
method for transforming your existing home.

PODs are a group of three mansion dwellings containing two garden houses (at ground level) and one penthouse (at first floor level). Additional storeys can be added to adapt to specific sites.

There are various POD layouts, however our design solution allows a POD to be suitably located on almost any site in any climate. The number of PODs on each site depends primarily on site area. PODs are placed within a supporting site infrastructure of basement car park, centralised plant and energy centre, and communal services, all of which enables a highly liveable environment.

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