Defects Report commissioned and owned by Sydney Strata Specialists and conducted by C&E Engineering Design Services

Apartment #

Defects at 2 year Anniversary



Unit 1

The owner has noted that the exhaust fan to the bathroom toilet has a poor updraft speed, otherwise no other defects recorded.

The owner of Unit 1 was already provided with a booster fan in addition to the one that was installed. It was checked by our electricians and no defect was observed.

Unit 2

No Defects

Unit 3

No splash back next to laundry sink considered as owner’s responsible

The laundry construction is waterproof.

Main pantry door, laundry cabinet and bedroom cupboard door not closing properly


Decking fascia fallen off wall.


Ceiling board under balconies detaching

Not a defect as it is not detaching

Bedroom door has no seal and rain gets under


Unit 4

No Defects

Unit 5

No Defects

Unit 6

No Defects

Unit 7

No Defects

Unit 8

Toilet seat has come apart and is considered wear & tear, rather than a defect.

The developer is not responsible for wear and tear on a toilet seat.

The internal exhaust from the bathroom/toilet also did not operate.

This was checked by our electricians before the new owner purchased it and no defects were found

There was minor cracking to the wall render externally observed.

This can be fixed when the strata render the building again within the stipulated warranty period

Unit 9

No Defects

Unit 12

No Defects

Common Property

Defective cover as a trip hazard to be rectified due to the large Sydney water trucks constantly parked over them

Strata to rectify – In progress