Rajesh Nellore

Rajesh Nellore possesses a rare clarity of strategic vision that is immediately apparent to those who work with him. Rajesh is known to cultivate a neatly ordered mind, and respected for the lightness with which he wields his widely acknowledged authority in his domain.

Some would describe Rajesh’s career trajectory as dizzying, but that would be ignoring his solidly level-headed nature. From collecting top-notch academic laurels in Asia, the UK, and Europe, to steering teams and projects at senior levels at household-name companies like General Motors, Saab Scania, Fiat, and Johnson Controls, Rajesh’s career is exceptional both in its diversity and achievement.

Especially conspicuous is Rajesh’s helming of the return of French auto giant PSA Peugeot Citroen to the huge Indian market in 2008 – a success that was widely covered in Indian media.

Rajesh possesses a natural instinct for carrying along with him people with different personalities and proclivities. It helps that, along the way, he has picked up half-a-dozen languages.

Rajesh sees Modulus Luxury Residential as a distillation of his life’s work so far: the creation of an apartment living space with the soul of a freestanding house for the 21st century. Like Rajesh himself, the vision is deceptively simple. The extraordinary technical prowess behind it doesn’t need to be apparent.

Modulus Luxury Residential 
P.O.Box 972, Drummoyne, NSW 2047