We are living in a time of rapid transition.

A time of change

Accelerating technological advances coupled with the exponentially falling costs of these technologies, are leading to disruptions in major industries including energy, transport and infrastructure.

People are living longer, remaining active, and moving to urban areas that offer high amenity and opportunity for lifestyle choice.

This is occurring at a time when changes in our climate are becoming increasingly evident with often-harsh regionally specific impacts.

These changes present new opportunities for how we live, and the types of houses we live in.

Produce energy

Collect and
re-use water

Considered materiality


Capturing opportunities

Sustainable houses embrace the world’s rapid change and are best able to capture the evolving opportunities as a result. Houses that produce energy and collect and re-use water. That are carefully composed with thoughtful consideration to materiality. Houses that have longevity.

Our vision is to enable a sustainable lifestyle in a smart, luxurious home that is connected to nature and supported by state of the art technology.

Modulus luxury residential, the solution

Modulus combines the positive attributes of a freestanding house into apartment style living, utilising sophisticated infrastructure to enable the sustainable use of resources and wellness.

Like a freestanding home, our houses have more natural light, fresh air to every room, an indoor/outdoor garden connection, and privacy from neighbours.

Our houses capture the advances in fabrication and material technology that have completely changed building methods and fabrication techniques to a precision standard.

Modulus luxury residential makes you part of our vital transition to a sustainable future.

Benefits for you and our society

Our housing helps develop the stable, secure and equitable society we all want, even elleviating homelessness. Modulus epitomises green luxury, personally customised through bespoke choices, and engineered to fit your lifestyle.

As a buyer you will be confident you have minimised your ecological footprint. From the material used to construct your home right through to systems for day-to-day living.

Your value-added home will bolster your prosperity; you can expect it to sustain a relatively high value, reduce your ongoing energy and maintenance costs, and even increase your productivity.

We’ve worked hard to bring together quality architecture and innovative infrastructure offering a lifestyle of utmost liveability.

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